Data Analysis & Modeling Workshop

Course:  DMC
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Data analysis, data modeling and normalization are key components of software development and are essential knowledge for software developers. This course introduces the participant to the concepts and best practice. All Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools are built around these ideas and Object Oriented (OO) development also relies heavily on data analysis concepts.

All software developers need to be able to model data and to produce file structures that reflect the needs of the business - for today and tomorrow. Whether you are using a procedural language or a 4GL; a native file access method or a data base manager; whether systems are written internally or by 3rd party developers, the use of data analysis will greatly assist your ability to support future information processing needs. This 2-day Data Analysis & Modeling workshop covers it all.

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Topics Covered In This Course


Examples of data analysis; the application of data analysis during the project life cycle; the roles of analyst, designer and user during this activity.


The business analysis approach; cross checking and consolidation; global, application and transaction models; entities, attributes, relationships and normalization.


Relationship notation; exercise in mapping; simple and complex relationships; naming relationships and reasons for doing so; drawing an application data model from the results of normalization.


Fact finding and the identification of candidate data; recording data in the data dictionary; data dictionary notation; normalization; examples of first, second, third, fourth and fifth normal form relations; normalization exercise.


Analysis of business rules and an exercise to draw a global data model; annotating the data model and checking with user management.


Composite and compound keys; key-only relations, combining the models to form one composite data model.


Circumstances which may lead to data anomalies within key fields. Overview of transaction path analysis.

What You Can Expect

Participants will have a good understanding of data modeling and will be able to develop data storage designs to suit their environment.

On completion of the Data Analysis & Modeling workshop, participants will be able to:

  • develop a top-down business and application data model (Entity Relationship Model)
  • describe entities, attributes, keys and relationships
  • analyze and normalize data
  • build third normal form data models
  • understand fourth and fifth normal forms
  • build a composite data model
Who Should Take This Course

Systems developers - business analysts, systems analysts, analyst-programmers and designers involved in the analysis, specification and development of computer-based systems.

Training Style

Techniques used on the Data Analysis & Modeling workshop include:

  • lectures supported by visual aids
  • class examples
  • syndicate case study work
  • small group sessions
  • presentation of syndicate findings
  • comprehensive participant manual
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