Relational Data Modeling

Course:  DMA
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This four-day instructor-led course provides both an initial high-level and then in-depth coverage of data modeling. The course begins by covering the reasons why building data models is important, notation for data models, and concludes with how data models fit into long-term business planning and what value they add. Special attention is paid throughout the course to best practices in the application of data models and data modeling techniques.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Day 1

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Data Modeling and Business Needs
  • Lab: Mapping Business Needs to Data Modeling
  • Overview of Data Modeling Notation
  • Overview of Entity-Relationship Models
  • Data Modeling Notation Standards
  • Lab: Entity Relationship Models

Day 2

  • Database Fundamentals
  • Normalization
  • Understanding Keys
  • Lab: Defining Keys
  • Subtypes and Supertypes
  • Attributes and Columns
  • Best Practices for Database Attributes
  • Lab: Designing Effective Attributes

Day 3

  • Data Modeling and Business Alignment
  • Assessing the Situation
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Lab: Data Modeling Business Alignment
  • Object Class Hierarchy
  • Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Physical Data Modeling
  • Best Practices for Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Modeling
  • Lab: Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Modeling

Day 4

  • Enterprise Data Modeling
  • Developing an Enterprise Data Model
  • Best Practices for Enterprise Data Models
  • Lab: Enterprise Data Models
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Best Practices for Enterprise Data Management
  • Business Analysis and Incorporating an Enterprise Data Model
  • Lab: Business Analysis and Enterprise Data Models
  • Data Models as Inputs to Business Planning
  • Data Warehouses and Data Marts
  • Best Practices for Data Warehouses and Data Marts
Recommended Prerequisites


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