Contract Administration in the Public Sector

Course:  CNTADM
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Contract administration covers a multitude of industries including the public sector. Topics pertaining to government and private sector contracts will be covered in this workshop. Students will learn basic processes in setting up contract terms, how to account for change orders (or cost overruns), contract disputes and financial audits. This class is designed for contract managers at every level and will walk participants through the Contract Administration process.

Contract administration includes preparing pricing structures and budgets for contracted projects. This course will teach concepts in cost-price analysis and show students how to develop budget or cost structures for public sector projects. Specific topics of study may include the life cycle of cost elements, supply and demand, economic cost factors and operations cost estimates.

A contract administrator may need to deal with client negotiations or bargains. This course will demonstrate tried contract negotiating techniques. The contract life cycle will be explored, from preparing negotiations and modifying contracts to securing contracts and implementation. The workshop will offer mock negotiations, so that students can learn from real-world, case study experiences.

Contract administration includes the procurement of labor contracts, as well as disputes or discrepancies that may come along with those contract procurements. In this course, students learn how to deal with unhappy customers, contracts that did not meet expectations or failure to make contract payments. Students learn techniques for dealing with each of the aforementioned situations and how to determine if the situations should be handled in arbitration with the help of a third party. This course will also provide information on how to choose arbitrators, how to prepare for arbitration and tools to use for tracking or collecting evidence in an arbitrated case.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to contract Administration

Defining the Parameters and Value of Contract Management and Contract Administration

Considerations for Affecting Contract Administration during the Formation Period

Planning for Performance

The Contract Administration Team: Roles and Ethical Responsibilities

Initial Contract Administration Activities

Software Management: The Contractual Perspective

Inspection and Acceptance

Delays in Contract Performance

Contract Modifications

Data Deliverables

Disputes and Appeals

Contract Payments

Contract Termination

Contract Closeout Activities

What You Can Expect

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and define terms, concepts and principles of the contract administration process
  • Identify contract risk and plan appropriate mitigation
  • Describe the steps needed to design, develop and formulate the Contract Administration Plan (CAP) and Performance Assessment Plan (PAP)
  • Recommend an appropriate remedy when presented a contractual problem or issue
  • Apply a process to handle a performance problem
  • Identify and define contract modification types, uses and applications
  • Describe dispute resolution methods
  • Closeout a contract including conducting a contract analysis
  • Describe how contract administration can be continually improved to enhance contract performance in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession
Who Should Take This Course

This class is designed for contract managers at every level and will walk participants through the Contract Administration process.

Contract and project managers with experience will find the material to be useful, as it examines contract administration in the context of today?s contract challenges.

Training Style

Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities and case studies.

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