Advanced CA - 7 Operational Workshop

Course:  CA7A
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This course provides an advanced look into the definition and setup of an efficient CA-7. Students taking this course can be expected to work on CA-7 in an efficient manner immediately upon course completion.

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Topics Covered In This Course

The course will consist primarily of online work (if possible) used in conjunction with the documentation to aid in the learning process. Material covered in the text includes:

  • CA-7
    • Understanding the current setup
    • Schedule IDs (SCHIDs)
    • Job definitions
    • The External Communicators
      • The Batch Terminal Interface (BTI)
      • Database Transportability (DBT)
    • Scheduled JCL Overrides
    • #SCC Statements
    • Creating a Base Calendar
    • Scheduling Philosophy
    • Defining Job Streams
    • CA-Driver
    • Conditional Dependencies
    • Automated Recovery Facility
What You Can Expect
  • Enhance the current scheduling definitions
  • Work with the latest features of CA-7
    • Database Transportability (DBT)
    • CA-Driver
    • Automated Recovery Facility (ARF)
  • Use JCL to improve job definition turnaround time
  • Automate job input
  • Define alternate job stream paths
Who Should Take This Course

Any personnel who will be scheduling or supporting a production workload through CA-7. Primarily, this course is aimed at Production Support and Job Schedulers, but can include Programmers as well as the User Community.

Recommended Prerequisites

A basic understanding of CA-7 concepts is required. Students are also expected to have a general understanding of JCL, JES2 and the z/OS Operating System.

Training Style

It has been designed in a 'Hands-On' format to allow for quicker assimilation of the material presented and greater retention of the ideas presented. If the 'Hands-On' format is not possible, then the course can be presented in a lecture format.

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