CA - 11 Operational Workshop

Course:  CA11
Duration:  1 Day
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course teaches all operational aspects of CA-11. The course focuses on two areas: automated job recovery (how to minimize the impact of production failures) and management (reporting with the goal of reducing the overall rerun rate of the reduction workload). Exercises are used to reinforce all areas covered.

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Topics Covered In This Course

The course will consist primarily of online work (if possible) used in conjunction with the text to aid in the learning process. Material covered during the course includes:

    • Job Management Goals
      • Operational Tools
      • Management Information
    • Run Handling and JOB Tracking
      • Run Management
      • Tracking
      • Information Flow
      • Definitions
    • The Run Manager System (RMS)
      • U11 RMS Step Insertion
      • Manual Insertion
      • CA-7 Insertion
      • CA-SCHEDULER Insertion
      • CA-11 Insertion
    • RMS Condition Code Checking
    • Passive Execution of U11RMS
    • The Job Tracking System
      • Tracking Description
      • Tracking Selection
      • TRACK Installation Option
      • U11ACTEX User Exit
    • Production Cycle
      • Retention Criteria
      • MAXDAY Option
      • MINCNT Option
    • Production Processing Functions
      • CMT Member Built or updated
      • GDG Information gathered
      • Data Set Maintenance Performed
    • Production Processing Exercise
    • Pseudo Production Processing
    • Rerun Processing Functions
      • Philosophy
      • Condition Code Support
      • Catalog and Data Set Maintenance
    • Rerun/Restart Options
      • Starting and Ending Step
      • Condition Code Setting
      • Bypass GDG Logic
      • Reason for Rerun
    • Rerun Processing Exercise
    • Auto Step
    • Non-restartable Steps
      • Non-restartable Steps Exercises
    • Pseudo Rerun Processing
    • Restarting Jobs via CA-7
      • CA-7 Restart Screen
      • CA-11 Restart/Rerun Option
      • Force Complete Option
      • Cancelling a JOB
    • Rerunning a JOB
    • Online Access
      • Access Drivers
      • Security
    • Run Handling Commands
      • PULL Command
      • PRE Command
      • LJOB Command
      • LSTP Command
      • SIM Command
      • CINQ/CUPD Commands
    • Tracking Commands
      • STA Command
      • DIS Command
      • RUPD Command
      • JINQ/JUPD Command
    • Miscellaneous Commands
      • LREA Command
      • HELP Command
      • OINQ Command
    • ISPF Option Menu Screen
    • CA-11 Selection Menu Screen
    • PULL List Screen
    • Online PRE-Processing Screen
    • JOB Restart Inquiry Screen
    • Reason for Rerun Update Screen
    • Reason for Rerun Inquiry Screen
    • Option Table Inquiry Screen
    • CA-11/ISPF Restart Screen
    • Available Reports
      • CMT Reports
      • JEHF Reports
      • Grouping
      • Generating JEHF Reports
    • Report Samples
    • JCL Considerations
      • JCL Changes
      • For Production Processing
      • For Rerun Processing
      • Summary of JCL Changes
    • JES Interface
      • JES2 Exit
      • JES3 Exit
What You Can Expect

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Who Should Take This Course

Programmers, Computer operators, System analysts, system programmers, and others interested in improving coding techniques and exploring JCL's features.

Recommended Prerequisites

All Personnel working with CA-11, and those concerned with the impact of reruns of the production environment: Operations, Production Control, Programmers, Management.

Training Style

None specified by designer

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