Android Development

Course:  ANDP1
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

As a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile devices, the Android OS allows programs to run on all Android devices and appear free in the Android Market. This course will cover the ins and outs of programming for Android devices. It will provide Android programming basics, techniques for developing good Android applications, and review some of the Android hardware.

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Topics Covered In This Course

All About Android

  • The Consumer Perspective
  • The Developer Perspective
  • The Business Perspective

Installing Software Tools

  • Java Development Kit
  • Android SDK Starter Package
  • Eclipse Development Environment
  • Configuring Eclipse
  • Configuring the Android SDK

Creating an Android App

  • Creating the First App
  • Testing Apps on a Real Device
  • Examining a Basic Android App

Conjuring and Embellishing an Android App

  • Dragging, Dropping, and Tweaking an App
  • Debugging
  • Improving the App

Using the Eclipse Workbench

  • Some Useful Views
  • Working with Java Code
  • Eclipse Project considerations

Java Considerations

  • From Development to Execution with Java
  • Grasping Java Code

What Java Does (and When)

  • Making Decisions (Java if Statements)
  • Repeating Instructions Over and Over Again
  • Jumping Away from Trouble

Object-Oriented Programming in Java

  • Static Fields and Methods
  • Interfaces and Callbacks
  • Classes That Must (And Must Not) Be Extended
  • Inner Classes

A Look at XML

  • XML Isn't Ordinary Text
  • What's in a Namespace?

Android Activities

  • The Activity Lifecycle
  • Getting Results Back from an Activity
  • Applications Don't Feel Left Out

Intents and Intent Filters

  • How to Make a Match
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Activities and Stacks


  • A Simple Service
  • Running a Service at Boot Time
  • Starting and Binding
  • Talking about the Weather
  • Getting Real Weather Data
  • Talking to a Service

Broadcast Receivers

  • Receivers 101
  • Beyond the Fundamentals
  • Standard Broadcasts

Content Providers

  • Database history
  • Working with a Database
  • Creating and Using a Content Provider

Layout Design

  • Android Layouts
  • Linear Layout
  • Attributes
  • Relative Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Frame Layout

Menus, Lists, and Notifications

  • Menu overview
  • Creating an Options Menu
  • Creating a Context Menu
  • Working with Lists
  • Displaying Two (or More) Values in a List
  • Notifying the User

An Android Potpourri

  • Making Phone Calls
  • Sending a Text Message
  • Working with Device Sensors
  • Drawing, Dragging, and Zooming

Apps for Tablets

  • What Fragments Can Do For You
  • Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Publishing an App to the Android Market

  • Preparing the Code
  • Creating the APK File
  • Creating an Android Market Account
  • Pricing the Application
  • Getting Screen Shots for the Application
  • Uploading the Application to the Android Market

Publishing an App to the Amazon Appstore

  • Becoming an Amazon Appstore Developer
  • Uploading an App

Creating Code Quickly with App Inventor

  • Getting Started with App Inventor
  • Creating a Project
  • Using the Designer
  • Using the Blocks Editor

More App Inventor Magic

  • Snap a Photo
  • Send a Text Message
  • Travel to the Orient
  • Animate!
  • Using a Database
  • Starting another Android App

How to "Rough It" without Eclipse

  • Preliminaries
  • Meet Apache Ant
  • Getting Ready for Text-Based Development
  • Android Development with Ant
  • Android Development with Operating System Commands

Going Native

  • The Native Development Kit
  • Creating an Application
What You Can Expect

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Develop Android applications
  • Understand Android programming basics, the operating system, hardware, and security
  • Know the detail steps in developing droid apps
  • Work with the Eclipse environment and SQLite
Who Should Take This Course

Anyone wishing to develop Android apps.

Training Style

Lecture (40%) / Workshop (60%)

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