AIX System Administration: Monitoring and Tuning

Course:  AIXADM2
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  III
Course Summary

This course is designed for experienced AIX administrators, providing a detailed understanding of AIX operation and performance, and the tools available to monitor and tune system performance.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to System and Performance Monitoring

  • An Operating System
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Tuning
  • Optimisation
  • Workload
  • Nothing in Isolation
  • Objective Performance
  • System Types
  • Site Specific Systems
  • The Global Picture
  • Performance Related Areas
  • The Kernel
  • AIX Versions

CPU and Process Monitoring

  • Processes
  • Layout of a Process
  • Process Creation
  • Types of CPU
  • CPU Models
  • The uptime Command
  • The w Command
  • The ps Command
  • Some System Processes maxuproc
  • Timing Commands
  • The Timex Command
  • Scheduler
  • Priorities
  • Real Time Processes
  • The Run Queue
  • Allocating Priority
  • Changing Priority
  • The iostat Command
  • The vmstat Command
  • Data Collection Utilities
  • Collecting System Activity Data
  • Producing System Activity Reports
  • Monitoring CPU Activity
  • Examining Process Queue Activity
  • Monitoring System Call Activity
  • Resource utilisation by completed processes
  • The schedo Command
  • Improving CPU Performance

Virtual Memory Manager

  • Virtual memory Manager
  • Page-Replacement Algorithm
  • Paging Space
  • List Page Space
  • Add Page Space
  • Change Paging Space Characteristics
  • Remove Page Space
  • Virtual Memory Statistics
  • Display current state of Virtual Memory
  • Monitoring Virtual Memory Activity
  • Reduced Memory System Simulator
  • Using rmss to run a command over a range of memory sizes
  • Topas
  • The vmo Command
  • Improving Virtual Memory Management

Logical Volume Management

  • Logical Volume Manager
  • Alternative Volume Group Types
  • Vary-on and Vary-off
  • Disk Access Times
  • Mirroring
  • Scheduling Policies
  • Disk Allocation Policies
  • Inter-Physical Volume Allocation Policy
  • Intra-Physical Volume Allocation Policy
  • Using Raid
  • Listing Physical Volumes
  • Listing Logical Volumes
  • The iostat Command
  • Monitoring the performance of the file system
  • Displaying placement of file's blocks
  • Monitoring Logical Partition Placement
  • Disk I/O Pacing
  • Monitoring File System Activity
  • Improving Local Volume Manager Performance
  • Future Directions


What You Can Expect

Attendees will acquire the additional knowledge required to closely monitor the performance and optimally tune an AIX based system, as well as hands-on experience performing these activities.

Who Should Take This Course

Experienced AIX System Administrators, or delegates who have recently attended our course AIX System Administration: Part One, and have had the opportunity to consolidate the information gained from it.

Recommended Prerequisites

Attendees should have a good basic understanding of AIX System Administration, gained through the AIX System Administration: Part One course, and at least three months practical experience.

Training Style

The course is highly interactive and consists of theory with plenty of hands on practical content. A dedicated server will be used so that the more complex commands and administration utilities can be practised in the security of a classroom environment.

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