CA-ACF2 Basic Administration

Course:  ACF2A
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course provides the student with a solid foundation of how to implement and administer the CA-ACF2 enterprise security product. The class begins with a high-level view of how all components of the IBM operating system, application software and the CA-ACF2 program interact. Students participate in workshop exercises that provide practical exercises of how to build new logonid records, establish dataset rules, define resource rules, and manage global options of the ACF2 security system. If the course is presented at the client site and access to the ACF2 system is provided by the client, the material may be presented with interactive sessions. Students will then be able to actually insert and delete records and view displays as they are discussed in class.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Overview of Host-Based Security Systems

  • Data Security
  • CA-ACF2 Design Philosophy
  • CA-ACF2 & OS/MVS, z/OS Operating Systems
  • CA-ACF2 Commands and Utilities
    • System Options
      • ACFFDR
      • @CFDE Macros
      • Defaults (modes,etc.)

Identifying System Users

  • The Logonid Database
  • The Logonid Record
  • Special User Logonids (STCs, MUSASS, MAINTs)
  • Commands and Reports

The User Identification String

  • Creation and Design of the UID
  • Customizing New Fields

Writing Access Rules

  • Access Rules Database
  • Access Rule Sets
  • Rule Sets for Special Datasets
  • Commands and Reports
    • Access Rule Maintenance
      • Native TSO mode
      • Vendor Supplied Panels
      • CICS Interface (ACFM)

Protecting System Resources

  • Resource Rules
  • Types of Resources
  • TSO Resources
  • CICS Resources
  • Commands
  • Reports

Maintaining Information Storage Database

  • Entry Lists
  • XREF Records
  • Shift Records
  • Scope Lists
  • Reports

System Options

  • The ACFFDR
  • Global System Option Records
  • Commands, Macros
  • Panels
  • Reports

Commands & Utilities

  • CA-ACF2 Subcommands
  • ACF2 Console Commands
  • Job Submission Utilities
  • ACFRECVR - file recovery
  • ACFRPTPP - pre-processor
  • ACFRPTNV - environment report

Technical Survey

  • Installing CA-ACF2
  • CA-Activator vs. SMP/E ? which to use
  • CA-ACF2 JES Initialization
  • CA-ACF2 Job Processing
  • CA-ACF2 SVC Processing
  • Developing a CA-ACF2 Interface
  • Advanced Topics Overview
  • CA-ACF2 SAF Interface
  • Distributed Databases
  • Cacheing with CA-ACF2 (also Sysplex cache)
  • CA-ACF2 Optional Notes (i.e.Password History)

Investigative Study (Optional)

  • Reports
  • Examine System Parameters
  • Selected Logonid Lists (Security, NON-CNCL, etc.)
  • Locating Unused Logonids
  • Tracking Excessive Sec-Vios
  • Invalid Password/Authority Log
  • Cross-referencing
  • CA-EARL Reporting
  • Program Acceptance Procedure
  • MVS Operating System - Areas of Concern
What You Can Expect

At the end of the five days of training, the student will understand all that is required to work effectively as a security administrator in an ACF2 environment.

Who Should Take This Course

The course is primarily designed for those who will administer the logonids and rules of an ACF2 system. Although a good deal of information contained in this training would be helpful to those technicians who install ACF2, the course does focus on the details necessary to manage the security product once it has already been installed.

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